Privacy and Cookies

Privacy and Cookies

At Westcountry Brands we value your privacy.

When you visit our website, small files (known as ‘cookies’) are put on your computer, that collect information about how you browse our website. Cookies help us to measure how you use our website. (This helps us update and improve the content we provide, based upon your needs.)

Cookies also help remember any notifications we have shown you, avoiding repetition.

The cookies we use are NOT used to identify you personally.


The only cookies we use on are: Google Analytics

Google Analytics software is used to collect information about how you use our website. Google Analytics helps make sure that our site meets the needs of our users.  and to help us make improvements, eg improving site search.

Google Analytics stores information about:  pages you visit on, how long you spend on each page, how you arrive at our website and what you click on while you’re on the site. We do NOT collect or store your personal information (eg your name or address). We cannot use this information to identify who you are.

Finally, we do NOT allow Google to use or share our analytics data.